Marketing Consulting

Svitlana Graves

  • Product Messaging
  • Website Copy
  • Paid Search (SEM) Strategy and Execution
  • SEO Strategy and Execution
  • Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B Testing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Email Marketing

Clients have reported being "blown away with the output". Below are some samples of my work.

Growing up as a twin, I have quickly discovered the power of differentiating yourself and your product, and playing to your strengths.
Product Messaging

In this project I used competitive analysis, market research and interviews with customer-facing teams to supercharge product messaging.

We ran an A/B test on the Homepage with the new messaging as the variation. It showed a 33% lift in Free Trial signups with a 95% statistical significance.

Pricing Page Redesign

For this project, I ran a User Testing study, analyzed heatmaps, scroll maps, user session recordings and proposed a Pricing Page redesign, which led to an 18% increase in Free Trial signups with a 95% statistical significance.


Conversion Rate Optimization

In this project, Exit Intent Poll showed that page visitors were confused about the service offered. The explainer video on the page didn't help — very few people clicked on it. I created a new value proposition which led to a 24% increase in conversions with a 95% statistical significance. The CEO couldn't hold back his excitement when he found out about the lift in conversions — "How do you do this???" We ran several other experiments on the landing page over the course of 6 months and the total lift in conversions was 77%.

Website Copy

In this project, I worked with the VP of Product to prepare the company website for product launch. We focused Product Page copy on customer benefits offered by the new feature set. On the Pricing page we showed the use cases, pricing structure and emphasized business ROI.


Product Page

Pricing Page
Content Creation

I have written thought leadership articles as well as SEO content. My Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting Competitive Analysis makes competitive research straightforward and actionable. This post was featured on the list of ConversionXL’s top 10 most read articles of 2017.

How-To Guide to Persuasive Writing walks you through creating compelling copy. A reader commented “…The 'Use the words they use' changes completely the way I will prepare product descriptions. I had no idea it could be that simple.”

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